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About SGI

Established in 1970, Service Group Interiors has evolved under carefull control to ensure that the company has remained privately owned, with its priority to maintain close personal contact service to its elients.


Service Group Interiors are founder members of the FIS.


The success of the business throughout its existance has been based on excellant teamwork. Thanks to a deep pride in their company, staff at all levels have a commitment towards understanding the customers needs and putting their requirment first.


Although we began as a narrow based supplier of partitons,  Service group interiors has now developed into an all round interior speciclist. Flexibility in our products & attitude excells us to structure our resources in a way the client requires.

Komfort, Komfort Partitioning, Polar Partitioning, Komfire Partitioning, RIBA Partitioning, Office Interiors
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